Where to store your data for global commerce?

New prospects of data storage for businesses

The industry of information has changed completely over the past twenty years, so much so that any successful executive back in the late nineties basically had to re-learn and re-think everything in order to keep up with the new panorama of digital businesses. Those who managed to do so are now among the richest people in the world, because the digital world allows those savy and lucky enought to make money rain on their heads from one year to the next, and sometimes, even sooner.

The business of data services has changed as well, and with new prospects such as the use of blockchain technology to basically build a para-Internet with its own rules and its own market places, possibilities for exploitation and investments multiply constantly in front of our eyes. The innovations in global software ventures allow first world capital holders to build monstruous empires of money-making while paying hundreds of third world, skilled workers low wages in exchange for their work force. The margins grow wider and wider and these entrepreneurships, many turned into giant companies today, are configuring a close future that is pretty much here already.

Data storage providers are very solicited as fundamental partners of this new economy, and the construction of data centres and processing platforms grows rapidly year after year. With the big data growth increasing astronomically from semester to semester, and projections of an exponential increase that seems to see no close end, more and more companies providing data services will be born, and find customers. And you could be one of those customers, in case you are not one already, because as a business owner - no matter the type or sector - you will need some data support, and more than likely, you will end up hiring a data provider for some storage space and processing power.

Global commerce and data storage

The digital era has reshaped our world in many ways, but perhaps one of the biggest changes it has made is that exchanges of information - including any form of communication - have become virtually instantaneous. Things go much faster because information goes much faster, and the increasing power of storing massive amounts of data allows terabytes and terabytes of information to be processed in the blink of an eye, multiplying these exchanges, deals and purchases.

Each powerful nation or conglomerate of nations have to make decisions in order to establish how they are going to play a part in this global economy, and how they mean to exchange goods and services. This is where cultural differences come into play just as much as potentially opposed interests, and as a result interantional commercial relationships could be challenged. Perhaps, currently the biggest potential rivalry stands between the United States and China, two inimaginably powerful traders between which, economists say, an economic iron curtain could rise in case they don't settle down their differences and organically integrate with each other.

Data processing in e-commerce plays a big part in this. With powerful data centres and processors, we have all the technicals we need to establish long-range commercial relationships with basically any country in the world. Perhaps the most challenging aspect of the next generation is finding a way to harmonically coexist and collaborate between nations for the greater good just as well as the greater wealth, and at this point in particular, Humanity has never proven to be especially skillful.

Should you store your data in the UK?

As an UK-based company owner or personal user, you will enjoy some benefits if you opt for UK colocation of your data centres instead of outsourcing your storage needs abroad. Small data processing requirements can be met with an onsite drive tower, which some companies in the UK will install on your headquarters upon request. If you are in need of a bigger could, or just wouldn't like to save some space in your office - with all conditioning required - for a data centre, then hiring a data partner in the UK can be a very good idea.

The speed of digital connections have made it unnecessary to hire a geographically close provider, because through the Internet you can access data physically located across the globe in a matter of a second or two. However, keeping it local does have its advantages. Face-to-face interaction is fundamental for business success, even in this time and age, and it does make some logistics easier if you need to talk to a representative of your partner. There are many reliable data partners in the UK that you can find.

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