Exporting French Products to the USA

Governments around the globe have created import rules and trade tariffs as a way to protect local businesses and employment as well as a way to generate additional income. Even in a world where global commerce and exchange has become the norm, consumers and businesses have to take into account import regulations as they establish partnerships with companies abroad to export goods to other countries. Customs regulations usually apply to a given pair of countries and each country pair has defined a slightly different set of rules. In this article, we will focus on the particular case of the trade between the United States of America and France, which is interesting for many reasons. Many American consumers enjoy French products including French wines, French food or perfume. Likewise, many French people purchase American products such as high-tech accessories, American fashion and even American sweets. Still, both the US government and the French government have established specific rules to regulate imports of French cheese to the US or imports of US beef and corn in the other direction. Click here to get an overview or the rules that govern imports from France.

Even without considering sensitive product categories such as food, exporting French products to the US is not as easy as a domestic shipment either in the US or in France. Take the example of a US person who wants to order a French gift for a friend. Purchasing and shipping gifts is often a daunting task, especially considering that you must purchase, package and ship the gift. This involves having to buy extra packaging material, wrap it appropriately. So sending French products to the USA can be even more difficult to organize by yourself because you have to deal with US imports rules, FDA regulations in the case of food or wine, and the shipping costs are always too high.

Tips for ordering gifts from France

If you want to offer a French present to a friend who lives in the US, you are better off ordering online from a specialized site such as saveurdujour.com. They will take care of the shipping end to end, for a fraction of the cost you would usually pay with FedEx, UPS or the postal system. People working for that French online store are very familiar with international shipments and export regulations, so you won’t have to worry about that part. They will take care of all the paperwork required to clear customs and FDA inspections, and they will provide a tracking number so you can follow your parcel until its final destination.

By the way, here are some tips to consider that will help you ship a gift more easily.

Avoid procrastinating on sending the gift to your friend or family. If you wait until everyone is sending, you will probably end up spending much more than you would actually spend if you sent earlier. This is especially true if you wait for a next day service, which is avoidable and very expensive too.

Consider doing the gift shopping on the internet, since many online stores will package and ship the gift on your behalf, and you will not have to worry about it in any way. Some retailers like Saveur du Jour will even allow you to include a personalized message along with the gift and gift receipts, making it much more interesting for the recipient.

The advantage with using an online retailer to ship the goods is that they will choose a packaging box that is strong enough for the gift that you want to ship, and will choose the right packaging material for each individual item ensuring sufficient cushioning during shipment. If you are sending a perishable gift, it is important to ensure you package it appropriately. For perishable gifts such as fresh pastries, French macaroons or French charcuterie, Saveur du Jour makes and ships goods directly from the US  so that they don’t have to endure hot or cold temperatures for up to four or five days.

If you are sending expensive items such as jewelry and other valuables, it is necessary to purchase insurance for them to certify their security, while when packaging, ensure that you do not attach or write anything on the box that will reveal their value. An online retailer understands all this and will package and label appropriately prior to shipping.

As a conclusion, import regulations can be a pain for businesses and for consumers alike. In this article we’ve reviewed the specific scenario of the foreign exchange between the USA and France through the particular example of French gifts sent to the US. Click French customs regulations to find out more about the amount of goods you can bring with you when you travel to France. While the overall price of goods is probably higher as a result of trade tariffs, savvy online retailers know how to ship products across boarders and accommodate export rules to reach a broader set of customers. With the evolution of the global economy, we expect cross-border trade to grow significantly in the future with import regulations becoming softer in many sectors.

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